Would any of you be even the slightest bit interested in a chapbook (24 pages) of my poetry?  I’ve been wanting to do something with all these sappy, saccharine, despondent and cathartic poems I’ve scribbled out over the years.  It’d only be, like, 1-2 bucks… anyone?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyway, here’s a taste of what kinds of stuff would be in there:

The Profundity of Failure
A vacuous vicissitude for life through ancient days
of treaties, pledges, trepidation, plight and meager wage
has grown to calm – a cradle gently quelling cares of age -
that those who last might find reprieve and revel in the gaze
when weary eyes are strengthened, seeing forests for the trees
and recompense for sorrow scattered sparsely ‘cross the seas.