I absolutely love music, took piano lessons for a year (didn’t really like the music I was learning) and, eventually, started messing around with fruityloops.  So, that being said here’s a few songs I made (I don’t even pretend they’re anything special, but I kinda like them).  Click the song to listen or right-click, Save As to save them.  If you like it, take it.  I don’t care.

Mix-Tapes – a playlist idea from Engine7
1. A Resounding Chorus
John Murphy – Frank’s Death Soldiers (Requiem in D Minor)
Craig Armstrong – Hymn
Brian Eno – An Ending (Ascent)
VNV Nation – Suffer
Jónsi & Alex – Boy 1904

01101010 01100001 EP – 3 songs from 2008-2009
1. improvisation
2. recovering from depression
3. dying with closed eyes & an empty smile

2K7 – uninspired name for songs from 2007
1. Vampire Bite
2. Hunger Pangs
3. Midnight Invitation
4. Somnolence Toward The Rising Sun
5. The Toy Chest
6. It Was Cold
7. Of Mice & Monarchs
8. Ah, Capella!
9. The Lair

I also love 12rec.net and Acoustic Firework Records, as far as netlabels go (they’re free too, for the most part).  If you know of more, let me know!