Unbekannt is German for Unknown, which is what came to mind when I thought of doing independent comics.  And since German’s weird, when Unbekannt is used to describe something (i.e. comics) it gets “es” tagged onto the end.  So that’s the title Unbekanntes Comics (exciting, eh?)

What Errant Beast is the daily journal comic of Joshua C. Anderson.  Some days are good/funny and others are full of disappointments, but whatever the case, I hope you enjoy these windows into my life.  The title comes from a poem I wrote while heading up my college’s poetry club.  It asks the reader to decide for themselves the merit of the speaker, based on all manner of weights and measures, so I thought it would be fitting for a journal comic.  I was never happy with the whole of the poem, so you’ll probably never read it.

If you want to contact me, you can send me an email at josh@unbekanntes.com