That’s right!  What Errant Beast…? has finally come to fruition over the past 4 or 1,394,523 months (I lost track, but it’s probably on the lower end, though it feels like the upper spectrum of the whole mess).  Here’s a little video about the differences between what I’d had on my STORE!!! page before and what’s up now:

Now, what I need from you: buy stuff! As of right now I’m unemployed and sunk about $120 into this.  I’m hoping to make $20-30 if I sell every last one of these at $10 a pop (plus $2 for shipping).  Paypal’s gonna take a fair share of any would-be profits, so I’m hoping I won’t end up in the red (or whatever ominous color is used to denote financially unwell situations) when everything’s said and done.

To those who’ve bought, thank you and I’ll have those shipped out to you as soon as possible.  I really couldn’t have done any of this without the support of everyone who visits this site, especially if they take it upon themselves to purchase stuff or (better yet) donate money.  I’m overwhelmingly grateful for every donation I receive.  u_u