Emily’s family had (has?) a tradition of watching old The Twilight Zone episodes on New Year’s Eve.  This happened one year while I was very much smitten by her, after years of growing up together and being really good friends.  I very vividly remember the emotion of this night – the DVD kept going, though I wasn’t paying attention to it… just trying to stay still so as not to disturb her.  Why?  I was just sitting there anyway!  What did I think I was going to do that would rouse her in aggravation??  Whatever it was that caused me to do that (or not do… anything, really), my brother (Jeremy) and her brother (Courtland, my current best friend, which I sometimes think is odd, though we all grew up together so it’s not that odd) came in from whatever they were doing and watched more Twilight Zone with me.  I remember this night well.

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