So apparently What Errant Beast just got featured on Drunk Duck!  It’s so cool to see this whole “web comic” junk I decided to do on a whim one day actually taking form!  I mean, first I got friends to see it, then some random people online, got some donations from friends (and benevolent strangers), got to know a sparse amount of web cartoonists and even got a few links on some sites I admire, including Shrub Monkeys, Facebrooks and Moore Sketches!  Really, it’s touching to see how this has come so far in just barely over 6 months, especially with my wishy-washy style changes from computer to ink to simple colors to FULL color.  (Hopefully this’ll stick, but who knows?  I feel guilty for being so inconsistent.)

So, to all visitors from anywhere on the interwebs, hello and thank you for your support.  Tell your friends and, well… stay classy. ;)